The perfect reading chair

The perfect reading environment is hard to find. In my mind, it’s a quiet empty room that smells faintly of flowers or Tocca Cleopatra candles or anything from restoration hardware.

All of the furniture is made of solid dark wood with white covers and some accent pieces. There’s plenty of light, and depending on the time of day/ my mood, there’s a glass of wine, beer, O. J. + seltzer, plain seltzer or water next to me.

In this magical place, (because truly such a place would be wonderful to encounter), there’s no clock and no time. No work the next day. No laundry waiting to be folded, no websites that need fixing, and no dishes in the sink.

While I can’t make my main societal needs disappear, I believe it’s a good idea to at least start looking for that perfect reading chair. Sure, you can read in bed, but that’s for sleeping. You can read on the couch, but ours, at least, isn’t ideal. No. This chair will be purchased with the sole intent of sitting and reading.

Eva at a striped armchair named her book blog after her favorite reading chair.

Rachel, over at small notebook, recommends this one.

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Ikea’s Ektorp chair

I decided to start hunting to see if I could find other ideas, although this Ikea chair saw a friend of mine through college quite admirably.

This one is pretty pricey. I should have just stayed away from Crate and Barrel. So grey. So soft.

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Crate and Barrel Axis Chair

Then there’s the Toulouse chair from Restoration Hardware. Maybe a little dramatic for my tastes, and I don’t know if I’d be able to resist pretending to faint in this one.

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Toulouse Chair – Restoration Hardware

If you’re into leather (heh), you can go with Plow and Harth‘s wing chair and ottoman set.

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Plow and Harth leather wing chair and ottoman

Wow, there are a lot of gorgeous chairs out there. Unfortunately, they all cost more than what I’m willing to spend right now. If anything, I’ll be going with Ikea for the time being.

My takeaway from this post is that I’m darned lucky to have so many fantastic books to read out there. No matter where I sit to read them, that won’t change.